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Q:  Should I replace my shower curtain with a glass enclosure for my shower/tub area?

Jodi: While a glass shower enclosure can make a shower and tub area in a bathroom look more modern, open and airy, it has some considerable drawbacks.

~Consider your water.  If, like most of us here in NC, you have hard water, you'll need to take steps to maintain the glass after every shower.  Hard water if left on glass will leave spots that are etched into the glass and very difficult to remove. 

~You'll need to keep your shower spotless and with little or no clutter.  Those pretty photos of glass enclosures almost never show any shampoo, soaps, etc. in them. A curtain left open half way can hide those items while at the same time showing off some of your decorative tile.

~And most importantly, you may not have the needed space.  Unless you have a door, water will likely not be 100% contained. Before choosing to update to a glass enclosure, try taking a shower with a curtain closed to the point where you intend the glass wall to end.  You might be surprised at how much water actually splashes to the far end of the tub (and floor). 

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